Video: Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reunite for ‘Barely Legal Pawn’ Skit

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Blue is the warmest color (2013)

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This week has been full of love


this summer

I’m in there post Ryan Power/Cloud Becomes Your Hand


Apocalypse Now (1979) dir. Francis Ford Coppola

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"You’re not daydreaming. You’re sleepwalking."

Chungking Express (1994) dir. Kar Wai Wong

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"I’m so sorry Mijia"

Awful hilarious blind contour I did a few years ago of my friend Mijia in a life drawing class.

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Oldboy | Park Chan-wook | 2003

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What did you think of boogie nights? Was this ya 1st time seeing it

Yeah it was! I really loved The Master and I thought Hard Eight was good as well, even though it wasn’t my favorite. My friends suggested we watch Boogie Nights because it was one of their favorites and we were talking about Paul Thomas Anderson. I really liked it. Near the end it felt a little too long, but overall I thought the pacing worked really well. Anderson has a great vision for all of his movies. The last scene was a great realization and a powerful image.

Roll it, Scotty

Everyone has one thing, you think? Everyone’s blessed with one special thing.