dang I made a lot of these masks back in the day, kinda thought i lost them but here they are. not even all of them

really nice. want one for my wall


I spent a lot of time today playing with my materials I brought to school with me. I’ve limited myself without meaning to, I don’t have many things I can use. Hours of creative block. I’m trying. Enjoyed this formation of things: cigar box I painted black, a few old pictures I had left over from Assemblage, dried black ink from drawing a while back, and a button from a friend’s jacket. Not sure if it will go anywhere but it’s a start. Retinal art, if anything.


Shin Murayama, Big-O, 2010


Higgs #fountainsun #thinginthespring #sunshow

Had the pleasure of emailing back and forth with Fumie Ishii recently about the Fountainsun show at the Whitehaus earlier this year. Great place, great band, great people. If you ever get the chance go see them.


2001: A Space Odyssey (1989)

Stanley Kubrick

the middle frame

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I have been sitting alone staring at materials I laid out for myself for hours. I can’t make anything.

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oh shit! looks like lightning bolt is playing a show with DEERHOOF at the met in pawtucket, ri on november 15

if you’re lucky enough to be in the area, get tickets HERE!



Joaquin Phoenix - Inherent Vice (2014)

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US one sheet for INHERENT VICE (Paul Thomas Anderson, USA, 2014)

Designer: TBD

Poster source: mubiblog


Joaquin Phoenix

Oh man why didn’t I think to ask you earlier?? Awesome! I’d love to.

Yeah I’m in Boston. I play bass as well. What’s your name man?